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Server Information

Club Wars Event

Daily : Monday to Sunday
7:00pm ~ 8:00pm (PH Time)
more details click : clubwar details

WarZone Event Schedule:

Daily : 3:AM, 9:AM, 3:PM & 9:PM (PH Time)

Suryun Event Schedule:

Daily : 6:AM, 12:PM, 6:PM $amp 12:AM (PH Time)

Server Information

Exp: x99
Item: x99
Money: x99

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Saint Ran Contact Info

How To Send Donate
Monday to Saturday
9:00am until 7:00pm
NOTICE : we have Costumer Service reply time 2 up to 4 hours upon your email form send.

WARNING: BEWARE to all the Facebook POSER(s). Messages
We will never ever PM a player using Facebook/twitter/etc to ask for money or donation process. All the Donation transactions are sent and being process using contact us form "Fill Up Form" you will see below


1. The donation is voluntarily, to access the public launch no payment is required. SaintRan server is FREE for PLAY and only for study purpose It is not for profit.

we are online since 2014 this server will be on-line for-life as long as there are players enjoying the game. We do not have a refund or exchange item policy. Any donations made will be seen as a gift that will be used to maintain the server.

2. Donation are exclusively rewards only, You're not paying for any service - you're donating with our own will and needs. Your donation will be used for the operational investment of the best server and the purchase or upgrading of the hardware and software for better game environment.

3. We are not responsible for the loss of the remittance's failure due to player's personal reason. The server will also not answer for expenses or loss incurred in the inter-transactions among players.

4. If the players need to transact the game items in between, we don't guarantee the transaction and also don't accept payments in behalf of players. Players shall be responsible by themselves for the loss might be incurred then. The remittance of donator shall only load for his own accounts, not for other's account. SaintRan Management shall not be liable for the loss or dispute may be incurred.


Card #1 - 5299 6738 3784 4102

Here are the step how to use SMART MONEY PADALA/CASH-IN
Step 1: go to the nearest Smart Padala Branch in your place (please bring a valid ID and extra money for the charge)
a. Banco De Oro Bank Branch [Click for the guide]
b. Smart Wireless Center [click here for the nearest Smart Wireless BRANCH]
c. Smart Padala Partners [Click here for the Smart Padala BRANCH]

TANONG?: Pwede ba akong mag padala ng pera kahit walang Smart Money Account?
Question?: can I send money without smart money account?

SAGOT: A. Pwede Po! pumunta sa mga malapit na smart money outlet karamihan mga pawnshop
mayroon sila kailangan nyo lang sabihin na mag padala ka ng pera through Smart Money
dapat may 1 valid id po kayo at dapat may smart money account ang padadalhan
nyo at bibigyan kayo ng Form then follow lang sa instruction nila. napaka dali

Pwede ba akong maka ipon gamit ang aking SMART MONEY ACCOUNT?

A.Yes Pwede po! pwede din po kayung mag padala ng pera sa sariling account nyo para maka pag ipon
ng pera same procedure lang mag dala ng 1 valid id at pumunta sa malapit na smart money outlet.


A. Hindi pareho ang presyo ng bawat Branch
100php may charge na 5 pesos

Depende sa mga smart money outlet may 1% at 2%

To claim your Smart Money Donation :

Smart Money Topup Site - Release Dec 10, 2015
You can now Topup your Smart Money Donation in an very easy and convenient way,
just Login you Account or UseID here in ControlPanel and click the "TOPUP SMART"
Just type your REf# from agent or reply text from smartmoney.

1. Sample of Ref# Below with the green mark.

2. Sample how TOPUP your Ref# and amount of donation

3. Click TopUp to claim your Points

- regards: [GM]Gio

Paymaya Guide:
Send your donation to my Paymaya Number 0999-5066371
1. Paymaya using 711 (No Charge Fee) click here --> Watch in youtube
2. Paymaya (Paymaya other guide) : click here --> )

1. VPoints Rate: 100php = 700 VPoints (+1 SR-Points Free) as a token of gratitude.

How to claim your Paymaya donation.

1. just Login you Account or UseID here in ControlPanel and click the "TOPUP SMART"
TopUP your Paymaya 12-digit number on your receipt as Reference Number.

2. Sample of Paymaya 12-digit number Below with the green mark.

3. Sample how TOPUP your 12-digit number and amount of donation

4. Click TopUp to claim your Points

- regards: [GM]Gio

Thank you very much for your support.
Regards -[GM]gio

Click the Paypal DONATE Logo to send your donation using your paypal account. after sending donation through Paypal please follow the procedure below how to claim your donatin or request.

To claim your Donation :
Fill up the 'Contact us' Form with the following Information rewarding your donation request.
please follow the format, and do not forget to use valid email only to receive my my reply.

Step 1.
Fill up the form and follow the instructions

Step 2.
Donation process it takes about 2 up to 4 hours upon sending email form.

Thanks you very much to the donation and trust,
In behalf of Saint Ran Management we will give you our best and good service.

Donation VPoints Rate
Regular Points's Rate donation:

1. 100 php = 600 Vpoints (+1 SR-Point Free) (Minimum)
2. 200 php = 1200 Vpoints (+2 SR-Point Free)
3. 300 php = 1800 Vpoints (+3 SR-Point Free)
4. 400 php = 2400 Vpoints (+4 SR-Point Free)
5. 500 php = 3000 Vpoints (+5 SR-Point Free)

Summer 2018 Donation Rate for points:

100 php = 700 Vpoints (+2 SR-Point Free) (Minimum)
200 php = 1400 Vpoints (+4 SR-Point Free)
300 php = 2100 Vpoints (+6 SR-Point Free)
400 php = 2800 Vpoints (+8 SR-Point Free)
500 php = 3500 Vpoints (+10 SR-Point Free)

Services Offer :
(1.) Change Style Weapon to Other Weapon = Has Been Remove
(2.) Change Style Wing to Other Wing = Has Been Remove
(3.) Change Style Ring to Other same price Ring = Has Been Remove
(4.) Change Style Ring (Fighter/Sage) to Vitality Ring = Has Been Remove
(5.) Change Style Earing to Other Earing = Has Been Remove
(6.) Change Style Amulet to Other Amulet = Has Been Remove
(7.) Change Style HeadGear to other Headgear= Has Been Remove
Notice: due to some technical problem and lost items while editing character inventory,
we have experience lost items after editing or changing items request.
So we decided to just remove items change service to prevent loss or damage of your character.

(8.) 5 pcs Destiny Power Up Max or (1 Bundle) = 100 php
(9.) 5 pcs Destiny Madness Bundle or (1 Bundle) = 100 php