Server Reload Update

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Server Reload update details:

Saint Ran is now under a new management. in order to survive the server and keep continue giving you service online we need to reset the Gold, Level, Reborn to clean up the server database. resently some players abuse the Gold bug in CP the time has been fixed. it is thought to be the solution to restore market and trading ingame.

- All Character Items, Skills are Intact
- All Guild deleted
- Skill Cooldown will be 2 seconds less for effective combo in all class
- New Max Reborn 50
- New Max Level 699
- Phoenix Eroom is Open for Club War 
- New Reborn Reward system will be apply for all account's old and new account will benefit (main reason why reborn will set to 0)
- New Item Jack Combination will be release on my next patch only required Gold not Points (main reason why gold has been set 0)
- Phoenix, Mystic Peak, Trading Hall Eroom Temporary closed, once we reach 100 plus online I will reopen the Phoenix Eroom for non-donor key holder.
Upcoming Jack Item Mixer update.
1. Accuracy Earring[GreenAura] (craft using gold Only)
2. Accuracy Earring[GreenAura][Lv2] (craft using gold Only)
3. Weapon Rental[Hot][5D] (craft using gold Only)
4. New Rosary Rental[Hot][5D] (craft using gold Only)
5. New [SR]Ring Rental[Hot][5D] (craft using gold Only)
plus more updates to come.

I will add some information in a few hour to complete the server update