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Anoount Encryption notice:
we have update the game server security please read here to access your account
Ingame Login problem? because your Game Client is not updated.
why I cannot Login ingame? But can login in controlpanel?
Answer Below:
1. I have update the game server into Encryted password for additional security of every account/userID this will make your account information like password and pincode unreadable by anyone else even me. olny databse and game server itself can read your account info.
2. It is very Important that your game client is Updated with all the auto patch I release, this will make your game client updated and compatible with the server update.  
3.  why I cannot Login ingame? But can login in controlpanel?  your old Saint Ran game.exe is not configure on Encrypted password. It result not error "Username Passwrod Not Match" that is why I release a patch to fix this error. Auto patch 'srg-82117.thor' this will replace your Old Game.exe this will allow your Ecrypted password to enter ingame. If you do not have this patch you still cannot enter ingame.
4. If your game Launcher is not working or download my latest patch.
I advice to re-install the game and Patch it! let the game launcher download all the patch and last fix patch -> 'srg-82117.thor' so you can login ingame. 
5. We have 2 game launcher inside you Saint Ran Folder make sure you are using the Auto Patcher Game Launcher to get the latest patch release to make your client compatible with the server update. see the images below to patch your client.
NOTE: Use the Green Launcher to fix all the problm in your game client.